Pharmacies usually have to cover the losses they incur when they are on-duty over the weekend or at night out of their own pockets, but now it seems they are about to get some financial support.

On-duty shifts over the weekend or late at night usually cost a pharmacy about €340 per shift. This figure comes from a national study the ministry of health carried out in 2018. Around one third of the country's 94 pharmacies took part in the study.

There are huge fluctuations between pharmacies however. While they all lose money during on-call shifts, the costs vary between €100 and €1000. This largely depends on the location of the pharmacy and if there are other medical facilities nearby.

These figures were provided by ministers Schneider and Gramegna as part of an answer to a parliamentary question asked by the Greens MPs Josée Lorsché and Marc Hansen.

The result of the parliamentary question and ensuing discussion is that pharmacies will receive financial support to counter their losses in the future. An amount that has yet to be specified will be incorporated into the 2019 national budget for that purpose.