In collaboration with EDMO Belux and RTL, the awareness campaign “” has been launched to help (doubting) internet users navigating the flow of news and (mis)information online.

It's not uncommon for people to doubt what they read, see, or hear, and doubting is logical and healthy. Recognising the importance of skepticism, the "" campaign aims to provide more certainty to counterbalance that doubt. The website offers concise and practical tips to empower individuals in navigating the abundance of information, including misinformation, that often leaves them uncertain.

Tips for more certainty provides tips on how to search online effectively, who to seek advice from, or who to talk to about his or her doubts. The goal is to help internet users to strengthen their online skills and guide them through the abundance of news, (dis)information, and opinions online.

This campaign is led by Mediawijs and Média Animation, the two media literacy organisations within EDMO Belux, constituting a collaboration of researchers, fact-checkers, and educational organisations in the fight against disinformation. RTL is the partner of EDMO Belux in Luxembourg.