Are you a bookworm who constantly needs more books? If your main reading language is English, and you want to support local shops, this article is for you.

Rest assured that you will never run out of books to read thanks to this list! Here are the best resources to satisfy all your book needs.

Public Libraries

Yes, even Luxembourgish public libraries hold some anglophone reading material! This option is obviously the cheapest, as registration is free, but of course, you might not always find that newly published book that you had your eyes on (though sometimes you can access it in online/audiobook form through the library’s platform!). Instead, this is a great resource for classics as well as contemporary books that have fared well and earned their place in the collection of a public library.

You can use this tool to search for books across all libraries.

Ernster - All English Bookstore

The fact that the successful family-owned Luxembourgish bookstore chain opened this all English bookstore in 2015 should appease all of your worries about satisfying your literary desires. Situated in the centre, it functions as a typical bookstore, and they will even order anything missing for you! All of the Ernster shop carry a selection of English books, by the way, if you happen to liver nearer another one.

More info here.


While mostly known as a French-language library, its English literature section has developed nicely over the years. Right in the city, this bookstore may surprise you with what it has to offer!

More info here.

The Green Library Second-Hand Bookshop

 If you want to have a book all to yourself and not give it back to the library but still want to be more conscious with your purchasing habits, this slowly growing (mostly) online second-hand bookshop is perfect for you! You can even sell the ones that you find superfluous on your bookshelf. All languages and genres can be found here.

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Little English Book Worm

 And what about the kids? Here, you will find a vast selection of books for toddlers, children and even young adults. Specialising in everything surrounding learning, you can even find after school help services and English language classes for kids through the website.

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