Luxembourg may not be known for its high peaks and looming mountain ranges, however, there are a number of climbing spots both indoor and outdoor.

Let's start from the centre and branch out.

Bloc House 

Part of the Boulder Klub Letzeburg collective, Bloc House  is the only city centre climb for right now. BKL was founded in 2007 and is the only bouldering association in Luxembourg. You can find them at 12, rue du Pont, L-2344 Luxembourg.


Half way along Krichberg's burgeoning landscape, the city's largest sporting facility also boasts a climbing wall. The Coque's terrains are good for all ranges of ability and there are private sessions to be given from qualified instructors and even birthday parties arranged for the lil 'uns.

Red Rock Climbing Centre - Soleuvre 

Red Rock's centre is a stylish and challenging collection of climbs in the south of the country. Once again the facility caters for all abilities, with sessions available for one on one classes or group bookings. In fact, team building sessions are recommended.

Youth Hostel - Echternach

The 14m high wall at Echternach's Youth Hostel is a popular acttraction for those that visit the Mullerthal. Session are held twice-weekly and open for pre-booking (subject to conditions). More info here.


Climbing the cold face at Berdorf's Wanterbach is for the more seasoned climber. In fact the face is only open to members of one of the two international climbing associations UIAA or IFSC. Climbers will have to present the certificate of their membership along with their ID card to officials of the nature conservation inspection.

D-Summit - Dudelange

The halls of D-Summit may not be the biggest, but they sure are popular. Tucked away in the sought after region of Dudelange, D-Summit's crags invite repeat visits.

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Parc Le'h

With seven different rope courses up as high as 17 metres, a Tarzan rope-swing, multiple rope bridges and plenty of cableways, Parc Le'h has it all.

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Steinfort Adventure offers ten different routes and climbers can begin at the age of 2. It is necessary to book well in advance bit come rain or shine, there's a lot to see and do.


Funny Mountain (BE)

Just over the border and next-door to the fun (if expensive) LuxFly is Funny Mountain. Perhaps better suited to the younger clobbers and family looking for a few hours out of the rain, this fun and colourful attraction is a perfect introduction to the art of climbing.


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Igel Klettergarten (DE)

Between Luxembourg and Trier, Igel's Klettergarten is for those who's fingers are more regularly chalked. Above the vineyards and overlooking the Mosel, the Klettergarten is owned by the local commune. Members of the Trier Alpine Club need to book in advance as efforts to preserve the landscape are paramount to the Mayor's plans.

Cube - Trier (DE)

With 150 different routes and 130 odd boulders, Trier's Cube offers a wide range of climbs for beginners and more experienced rock hounds. Situated not far from Trier-Zewen, the Cube offers both indoor and outdoor routes AND 12 different varieties of beer.

Blocschokolade - Trier (DE)

Just out of Trier's historic centre, the family run Blocschokolade is a boulder lover's paradise. During pandemic downtime, the team made good use of time and put a further outdoor wall with plenty of new routes to keep those footholds steady. If you're yet to visit, do also check out the glorious homemade cakes.

Eifelblock Trier (DE)

The Eifel Block is a partnership between centres in Trier and Koblenz. You can expect tricky challenges in every level of difficulty on over 1200 square meters in Trier. Bouldering is climbing without rope and harness as a safety device up to a maximum jump height of 4.5m where soft mats await your fall.


If you are the type that thinks that the only thing missing from searing pain in your biceps and cramping fingers is ice cold water, then this is for you. As Germany's first climbing park over water, this centre combines the freedom of climbing with swimming fun. Obstacles of various degrees of difficulty are pitched 1.5 meters above the water surface. Children between 8 and 15 years of age need a guardian at the age of 18 years on site.


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