There’s no bones about it, dogs are man’s best friend. Instead of leaving your pup at home, bring them along to a dog-friendly activity!

Hiking the Mullerthal

Does Fido like the forest? The Müllerthal trail is a 112-kilometre route the winds through the picturesque Little Switzerland region of Luxembourg. The natural landscape offers a beautiful mixture of forest and sandstone rock formations for your dog to explore! Whether you’re looking to switch up your daily dog-walk or looking for a bit more of a trek, the Müllerthal trail is more than worth the trip.

Escher Déirenpark

This park in Gaalgebierg is a great place to walk around with your dog. The park has around 150 different kinds of animals, so there is more than enough to keep both you and your dog entertained and intrigued. Escher Déirenpark is open every day, free of charge. If you’re bringing some family and friends along, you can even arrange a guided tour of the park, where you’ll learn all about the park’s educational farm and the animals that live there.

Parc Merveilleux

The Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg is a whimsical place to spend an afternoon with your family, but did you know that your dog can come too? This outdoor family and fido-friendly park has a zoo, playgrounds and even a few rides! Get ready to discover all the magical surprises of the park with your favourite four-legged friend by your side!

Swimming pool

Take your dog to the once-a-year puppy pool party at the Aqua Park in Beaufort! Each year at the end of the season, the Aqua Park opens the pool to all water loving pups before they close for the season. The event usually take place the second weekend of September but be sure to check Beaufort Camping’s website for all the dog-friendly dates and details!

Learn some new tricks

Just like humans, dogs need to be mentally engaged. Why not take a class together with your dog? There are so many new and exciting things you can learn to do with your dog! Martha and Friends Dog Wellness Centre is just one of the many places you can go to learn some new tricks (or fine-tune some of the old ones.) They offer a wide variety of group courses including trick training, doggy workouts and even scent work! Check out their website to learn more about their trainings and class schedules.