Luxembourg is home to a wealth of talented, local manufacturers and artisans. Looking for the perfect gift with a bit of a Luxembourgish twist?

We’ve searched far and wide to find some of the best regional gifts from all over the country.

Liquors from the Chateau de Beaufort

The chateau in Beaufort offers a historic selection of traditional and local liquors. The most classic of their spirits is called Cassero, a black current liquor which just so happens to be rich in Vitamin C! In addition to the classic Cassero, the chateau offers other spirits including plum brandy, raspberry liquor, and a delightful blend of Cassero and cherry brandy.


Handmade candles by L’Atelier Virginie

These handmade candles make the perfect gift for every occasion. L’Atelier Virginie uses high quality and organic materials including natural fragrances, soy wax and organic cotton wicks. L’Atelier Virginie offers several collections of certified made in Luxembourg candles that span from indulgently luxurious to curiously creative.


Stuff 4 Kids

This colourful shop is filled with adorable and unique gifts, perfect for expectant parents.  Hand-crafted with kid-friendly materials, you’ll find whimsical bibs, plush toys and more in this family run shop based in Redange!


Opyos Gin

Since 2016 Opyos beverages have been making quality high-proof beverages out of the Ernz Blanche valley using local Luxembourgish ingredients! Opyos is best-known for their delectable selection of gins, but they also offer pastis and affordable gift sets. Each Opyos bottle has a unique handwritten number, proof of their pledge to offer quality, hand-crafted beverages with a splash of Lux. You may also remember them from our 2020 Christmas giveaway extravaganza, but this recommendation is based purely on how great their products are.


Anne-Marie Herckes fashion miniatures

Anne-Marie Herckes’ miniaturisations pay homage to some of fashion’s finest creations. Her 2-dimensional mini fashion icons can be worn as brooches, pins or even as keychains. Her mini-jackets, hats and shoes make a perfectly original gift for your favourite fashionista!


Local Jewellery

Luxembourg is home to many regional jewellers, each with their own unique style and story. Since 2002, the Bijouterie Gœdert in old town Luxembourg city has been crafting one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition to all things that sparkle, the Bijouterie offers a curated collection of gentlemen’s watches.  Whether you are looking to have an old piece transformed into something new or simply looking for a meaningful gift, the Bijouterie Gœdert is worth a visit.