With preparations for the impending tourist season in full swing, new safety measures aim to curb raucous revelry in Mallorca

Biel Barceló, head of the Playa de Palma neighbour’s association says that new legislation, operational from 1 April to the end of October 2019, will significantly reduce alcohol related offences in Mallorca.

These new laws are looking to relegate the excessive alcohol consumption to the past. Both tourists and club or bar owners risk a hefty fine should they disregard them.

While enforcement requires additional police presence, business owners welcome the prospect of higher safety standards around the island.

Although the smallest fine stands at €2,200, this does not mean individuals will be charged for drinking a beer on the street. Rather, the aim is to bring an end to the public urination, vomiting, and harassment of both other tourists and locals that is brought about by inordinate intoxication.

Rules will be particularly strict for bars and beer gardens around the infamous “Schinkenstrasse”. Here, fences are being put up to separate them from the road in order to stop tourists drinking on pavements.

The much-loved “Happy Hour” is also on its last legs.

After having pushed for stricter regulations for years, locals finally feel like their demands are being met. “It’s a step towards happier communal living," says Barceló.