Eagle-eyed shoppers may have noticed a slight change to Decathlon stores in Belgium recently, but what's it all about?

Decathlon Belgium has opted to change its name to "Nolhtaced" for the next month. In a press release on Monday, the sports store announced the name change, which is essentially Decathlon written backwards, comes as part of a marketing drive to promote "reverse shopping".

This means that customers may resell old or unused sporting goods to Decathlon, where the items can be repaired and resold under warranty, to promote more environmentally-friendly practices.

"The objective is to reuse as much equipment as possible in order to reduce the impact on our environment and avoid waste. Decathlon's second-hand offer also allows less fortunate consumers to buy quality sports equipment at lower prices," the brand said in its press release. Decathlon has purchased some 26,000 sporting goods already this year during the test phase.

Even sporting goods that were not purchased from the chain can be resold in return for vouchers.