Worried that a lot of our readers may face a rather lonely Christmas due to Covid and travel restrictions, we asked if you'd want to spend the day (virtually) with us. Many of you did.

We also asked what you'd be most interested in seeing on the day (25 December), and unsurprisingly the winner was Christmas present giveaways and contests, followed by a fun and interactive live ticker, a video stream with the editor(s) on duty, and pictures of how we and your fellow RTL Today readers are spending the day.

Well folks, the good news is that we will do all of that.. and then some. The first step we took was to go see our marketing man, who just so happens to control the keys to the room where we store contest prizes. Yours truly went up to him and said "Buddy, I need cool stuff to give away for Christmas. Pronto."

Something about the tone of my voice told him I was serious - which is good, because I was. "How many do you need," he asked nervously. "Grab the keys, show me what you've got, and prepare to place a fresh order for the new year - because I'm going to take everything you've got."

He didn't argue, but in the end I couldn't quite carry everything. Turns out he has a lot of stuff in there. Some of it was a bit rubbish if I'm honest, so I left that, and took pretty much all of the good stuff. I may go back for more, I've not decided yet - I saw there was another Bose speaker in there, for instance..

But for now, the picture above gives a taste of what we'll be giving away to those of you who tune in on 25 December. We're still hard at work on sourcing further prizes, so stay tuned!