In this series we put the spotlight on the people in Luxembourg whose work or action have become even more important to all of us now, as many of us depend on their services.

RTL Today hopes to put a face to these people: the health workers, the supermarket cashiers, the helpline employees and more to say “Thank you” for being there for us during these challenging times.

We start with Lisa who works as a cashier at a big French supermarket chain in Luxembourg.

• How are you doing?

All of us are a bit tired but we are a team and as a team we take it day by day.

• How has your work life changed in times of Corona?

What has changed is that we work more hours and that there are always some last-minute changes, so we need to be flexible. The shopping habits of the clients have changed too, as most people tend to come straight after opening the shop and during the afternoon it has gotten much calmer. We have a lot of safety measures in place now. We limit the people who enter the premises for example and vulnerable people get priority, which means that they can skip the queue.


Another change is the communication between the team. We feel much closer to each other now and we speak a lot about the pandemic but at the same time everyone tries to continue living as normal as possible.

• Has the client behaviour changed?

The clients are more friendly but also more stressed.

They are much more appreciative than before. We hear a lot of “Bon courage!” and “Merci beaucoup!”. This give me the strength to get up in the morning and to come to work.

• Do you feel safe at work?

Yes, as mentioned we have several safety measures in place (editor's note: all employees who are in client contact wear gloves and the cashier sits behind a plexiglass window) for us and the clients. I am lucky in the sense that I don't have children, as I know of colleagues who are afraid that they could transmit the virus to them. I am also not in contact with a person at risk. I have colleagues who come and say: "I am not afraid about me getting the virus but about transmitting it to my children and parents."

Also, we disinfect the most important surfaces almost every hour.


• Do all clients respect the new safety regulations?

More or less most of them, yes. Occasionally we need to remind someone.

• What are the most in demand articles at your supermarket now?



Canned food

Toilet paper! I have really seen people who left with two caddies of toilet paper!

  • Do people need to be afraid that you run out of toilet paper?

No, we have our regular deliveries and we don't have problems with restocking.

A lot of people are also buying office articles like paper and printer cartridges. 

  • Are certain products being rationed, for example toilet paper?

Communication manager: No, the only thing that we ration is the disinfectant gel where there is a limit of one bottle per person.

(Hint from the editor: The gel is available at the check-out.)

The 12 and 13 March were the worst days regarding people stockpiling!

• What message would you like to convey, if any?

We regularly have people who come here almost every day and they buy like two or three articles, or they buy really unnecessary things like sunglasses or so. I think it would be good if they would stop doing that. We come to serve the people, but if there are people who put others at an additional risk by going shopping, I don't think that is okay, also considering that we put ourselves at a certain risk when coming to work.

Ideally clients could come and buy the things that they need for two weeks rather than coming to stock up for a couple of months or buying only three items, this to minimise social contact. Also, in order to protect your families and us as well, please do your shopping on your own.

Please leave things for people who cannot come during the day.

With the situation we face now, solidarity is the key!

Who is your everyday hero? Suggest a person and we will try to feature some of your suggestions:  audience (at) rtltoday (dot) lu