A woman who is planning on moving to Luxembourg with her family early next year has casually asked an online expat group for detailed feedback on 191 points related to the relocation.

"Hello dear expats," began the message which was posted on Monday. "Hubby and I are moving with our two little ones to your beautiful country. I’d like to pick your brains about a few things."

The post went on to request information about topics from nine categories including education, accommodation, dining, day trips, parks and playgrounds, shopping, and miscellaneous topics. Most of those were divided into subcategories, some of which were further broken down.

"What are the pros and cons of living in each city, town, and village in Luxembourg?" she began. "And for border cities like Thionville, Trier, and Arlon?"

"I'd like to know about private schools," she wrote in point 2.5. "How many are there? How would you rank them according to pedagogy, teacher-to-student ratio, and facilities?"

In point 3.2 she asked for a step-by-step breakdown of the rental process and requested PDFs of rental agreements with important clauses highlighted.

"Is the equipment in the new Bambesch forest playground made of wood?" she wrote in point 4.8. "Has the wood been sanded and treated? How often do children get splinters? Where can I buy tweezers? How do you say 'tweezers' in Luxembourgian? In French? Which brand is the best? What is the return policy for tweezers? How long does it take to get blouses dry cleaned?" she continued in point 5.2.3. "Which dry cleaners are good with silk? Do I tip dry cleaners? How much?"

"Do you prefer skiing in Austria, Switzerland, or France?" she inquired in point 12.9. "Which resorts offer lessons using the Montessori approach? Do any resorts have restaurants that serve vegan fondue? Would you recommend it for a picky six-year-old?"

"What is the history of Luxembourg since the Middle Ages?" she wrote in the miscellaneous category. "How many words are there in Luxembourgian? What do they all mean?"

"How do airplanes fly?" she added. "How does genetic sequencing work? How long would it take to count from one to a billion if you took eight-hour breaks for sleeping?"

"If you have time," she added. "Thank you, my dear ones."


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