Luxembourg City’s Gare district, which has been the subject of intense political discussion due to rising delinquency and neglect in the area, has suddenly appeared for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace, report the app’s many users.

The post was made on Wednesday at 2:33 a.m. by an unknown official.

“Used neighborhood, 164 years old, lots of history and some charm, great potential but needs work,” the advert states. “Ideal for a communal, regional, or national government with political will and experience in partial or total renovation.”

While some major European cities responded to the post with sarcasm, saying that they already have unsightly train-station areas of their own and do not need another one, others expressed interest.

“Seems very peaceful and quiet, don’t you think,” said Stockholm, tagging Brussels in a comment.

“Toujours disponible?” remarked Paris.

For the sale to go through, a Luxembourg official or representative body with the legal authority to sell the Gare district would need to sign off, say notaries.

However, so far no one has admitted to placing the advert or has even claimed the Gare as its own.

“Looks familiar, but it doesn’t belong to us, at least we don’t think it does,” said a spokesperson for the government. “Why don’t you check with the VDL? I mean, the area is technically within the city’s confines.”

“Nope, no idea, never seen it before, and even if it were part of the city, we would never let the security situation get like that, but it’s not like we have a free hand in such matters,” responded a spokesperson for the VDL. “Why don’t you check with the government?”