A newly arrived expat has confirmed that regarding suggestions from others, he is only interested in the best, and if you suggest anything less than the best, he will disregard your advice and possibly judge you.

“Hi, I’ve just moved to Luxembourg, and I need to open a bank account,” the man wrote in an expat forum on Friday. “Which bank is the best?”

The next day he went on to ask for the best internet provider, the best fitness center, and the place to buy vegan tiramisu gelato served in cute little boat-shaped dishes.

“I have another question,” he later wrote. “Please tell me which is the best place to ask for the best places. I am dissatisfied with this one.”

While some have been quick to provide the newcomer with their views about which is the top sports bar or the best shop for clown and magic supplies, others refuse and instead criticize the man for being an elitist.

“What’s wrong with eating at the second-best sushi restaurant?” said another expat. “So what if you choose a simply great creche for your kids? And isn’t a good barber all you really need?”

However, others defend the man and his search for the best of everything, comparing him to a divinely inspired artist who seeks only the superlative.

“Michelangelo in search of the perfect male form, Henri Cartier-Bresson looking for the finest candid shot,” says one expat. “And this guy – looking for the best shop near the Gare to buy vape cartridges at a reasonable price.”

While the man in question has neither confirmed nor denied being a snob and a perfectionist, he has explained why he – and many other newly arrived expats like him – only want the best.

“We are not human, but rather, we are alien visitors,” the man said. “We have been tasked with reporting on the purest and most quintessential products, services, and experiences in Luxembourg.”

“Now kindly tell me which is the best locally made mustard.”

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