Proving that the fashions of the 80s and early 90s have not gone extinct everywhere in Luxembourg, a genuine mullet has been discovered in the north.

The hairdo was first observed by a group of tourists who had stopped for lunch in Clervaux. Upon returning home, one of the tourists sent a photo of the find to a friend who is a PhD student in hairstyleology in Ireland.

The friend, whose focus is actually on feathered 70s hairstyles – such as the look popularized by Farrah Fawcett – nevertheless was able to confirm the authenticity.

“It appears to be a real mullet, beautiful, living, and totally unironic,” the friend wrote. “The sort of mullet that can inspire power ballads and turn an ordinary welder or cook into a hero.”

While most experts agree that the photographed hairdo is a real mullet, some do not believe it is native to the north of Luxembourg or anywhere else in the country.

“The Luxembourg variety, Mulletus luxemburgensis, is shorter and more conservative on top,” says Chantal Goergen, 66, who in the 1980s managed a biker bar in Echternach where dozens of local and foreign mullets, some from as far away as Koblenz, could be seen every night.

“The one in the photo is most likely a Mulletus teutonicus, but a quite rare variety from the lower Moselle that today you only find at Scorpions tribute shows,” she added.

Fans of the hairstyle say that we must rejoice at the discovery and avoid getting pulled into academic discussions.

“The man in the photo believes in his mullet, and his mullet believes in him,” said Kevin Weber, 43, who proudly wore the hairdo for two weeks in August of 1992 before his horrified parents made him cut it off.

A spokesperson from the Luxembourg Office for the Protection of Endangered Men’s Fashions says a team of staff members will fan out across the north in search of the hairdo.

“The mullet and its wearer will be granted a special status with the understanding that once a month, culturologists, hairdressers, and historians will be allowed to stand nearby and admire it and maybe run their hands across the top,” the spokesperson said.