The holidays are a common time for burglaries to occur in Luxembourg. What can you do to make sure your home isn’t hit?

Invest in expensive door locks

Not that these will necessarily stop a burglar from entering, but at least his face will light up with appreciation as he thinks, “wow, these people have nice door locks.”

Install an alarm system

This way, when the alarm sounds, burglars will know they only have 10 minutes to load their bags with loot before concerned neighbors get tired of peeking out their windows and consider calling the police.

Keep valuables in a safe

Put all your valuables like jewelry and cash in a personal safe so that burglars will have all the stuff they are looking for in one sturdy, easy-to-transport container.

Ensure that lights are frequently turned on and off

Savvy burglars are no longer fooled by automatic lights, even those that are programmed to switch on and off at random times. A more effective method is to set up a strobe light in every room and leave them on for the duration of your time away, which will make burglars think your home is actually a popular nightclub.

Limit the number of possible entrances

Most burglars enter through windows. Make sure your home doesn't have any.

Don’t let mail stack up

The most obvious sign that someone is out of town is a letterbox spilling over with mail. Prevent this by persuading public entities and companies to communicate with you via so-called “electronic mail” which might sound high-tech and scary but has actually existed for 25 years.

Stay nearby

During the holidays, you want to spend time with family, but if you are like half the population, your family lives in another country, possibly very far away. Fix this by being born in Luxembourg.

Give the appearance that someone is home

The best way to deter burglars is to show that someone is physically present in the home. Do this by always being physically present in the home.