The man is described by friends and family as 'your average scarf lover' who 'regards a naked neck as unsightly and wrong.'

A local man described by friends and family as “your average scarf lover” who “regards a naked neck as unsightly and wrong” has announced that no matter how long this summer heat lasts, he will not admit defeat by removing his scarf.

“It’s been years since I took it off,” said Fabian Gerber. “Well, I don’t mean this one in particular, I mean any of my 38 lovelies.”

“I’ve got one for each day of the month, plus a few spares in case the unthinkable were to happen,” he added.

Despite what seems to be a permanent rise in global temperatures and a particularly hot, dry summer in Luxembourg this year, Gerber vows to remain strong.

“I know you’re up there laughing at me, taunting me, trying to force me to remove my precious from my neck,” Gerber said angrily, looking up and directing his words at the Sun. “Shine all you want and cook Luxembourg to 50 degrees, and see if I care.”

“I’m not afraid, because you will never win,” he shouted. “I will never take off this scarf!”

Friends say that in the past five years, Gerber has in fact removed his scarf on one occasion, when it caught fire after he learned over too much to blow out the candles on his birthday cake.

However, to Gerber’s defense, the friends insist that on dozens of other occasions he has stood firm even in the face of the threat of serious harm to his health and mental well-being.

Earlier this summer, Gerber left an indigo scarf wrapped snugly around his neck even after a wasp flew under it and began stinging him, according to one close friend who was then obliged to apply antibiotic ointment under the fabric using a long cotton swab.