Saying there is “at least a 40 percent chance” they will one day take their newborn on walks up muddy river beds and rocky mountain roads, a Luxembourg City couple have purchased an off-road luxury pram.

The pram comes with a designer interior, monotube shocks, and a cute cartoon rhinoceros sticker.

“As you can see from this ostentatious purchase, we’re not ordinary city parents,” said father Arvid Loften, 34. “We’re rugged outdoor types who are just as likely to take our little Clarissa on walks in the Peruvian Andes as we are on the smooth sidewalks of Belair.”

Although the all-terrain 4x4 baby carriage costs €4,899, Arvid’s girlfriend Uma Krakpot, 35, says the price is worth it because the pram has done wonders for their reputation.

“The other parents have started referring to us as Bear Gryllis and Dora the Explorer,” she said. “I assume.”

Uma says that even if they never take their baby to the Alps or even the Mullerthal, she believes the off-road luxury pram will still come in handy should they face unforeseen circumstances in the city.

“I heard an awful story about a family that got stranded at the pirate ship park during a rainstorm because their stroller had regular wheels,” she said. “For hours they had nothing to eat except formula and baby food.”

Experts say off-road luxury prams are a must-have for any city-dwelling parent who wants to be able to navigate sidewalk obstacles like leaves and sticks, as well as melted ice cream in Place d’Armes or broken glass near the Gare.

“You never know what sort of rough, uncharted land you’ll face,” said Arvid. “One minute you’re walking with your baby on the paved path around Echternach Lake, and the next minute you decide to run with her pram through the grass like some kind of mad safari guide.”