Last weekend, a breastfeeding mother was asked to leave the National Museum of Natural History because she and her baby were breaking the museum’s “no food and drinks” rule. Below are some other notable expulsions from the museum.

  • In 1997, a visitor in a wheelchair was told to terminate her visit and leave. A staff member claimed that the woman’s vehicle, with two large wheels, clearly violated the museum’s rule against bicycles in the building.

  • In 1999, staff members escorted out a seven-year-old boy who was visiting the museum with his class. When his irate teacher demanded an explanation, a staff member said the boy’s nose appeared to be wet, and that the museum had a strict rule against running — including running noses.

  • When in 2003 a couple was observed quarreling, a security guard intervened and after briefly interviewing the two, he expelled them. Large bags or suitcases of any kind were not permitted in the museum, the guard explained, and it was obvious that both individuals were carrying heavy “emotional baggage”.

  • In 2011, a family was denied admission when they entered the building with a small animal on a leash. “No pets allowed”, the receptionist said. The parents explained that the creature was not an animal, but was their hyperactive toddler son. To demonstrate why he required a leash, they set him free. When the boy disappeared into an exhibition hall, the receptionist permanently banned the family for violating the “no wild animals” rule.

  • During an afternoon in 2012, a cautious visitor with a broken leg spent nearly three hours in an unmoving elevator, mindful of the museum’s “no touching” rule. When he finally pushed the button to go to the first floor, he was promptly kicked out.

  • Last year, a museum guide was leading a group visit when she determined she was speaking too loudly, so she asked herself to be quiet. Despite repeated warnings to herself, the guide continued breaking the “no loud talking” rule, so she eventually removed herself from the building. She was later observed arguing with herself in the street.


Photo credit: Pixabay