HOWALD -- A local grandmother says she’s eager to meet the new owners of the house next door, and that she’s baking them one of her famous apple cakes to welcome them to the neighbourhood.

Madeline Driscoll, 79, says she was delighted that only days after the four-bedroom house was put on the market, it was bought by someone named KLD Capital.

“I’ll certainly miss the Neumanns,” she said of the family that lived in the house for 22 years. “They were lovely, but when their children grew up, it only made sense for them to sell the property and move elsewhere.”

Driscoll went on to say that ever since she and her husband George relocated to Luxembourg and moved into their house in 1971, they’ve always had marvelous neighbours.

“Before the Neumanns, it was Mr. and Mrs. Romero, who were just so kind, and they lived in the house through the 1980s until they decided to move back to Italy,” she said. “And prior to that, the house belonged to Mr. Hoffman, a Luxembourgish eye doctor who became our dear friend.”

“I have no doubt we’ll get on wonderfully with Mr. or Mrs. Capital, whichever the case may be,” she added, “and that we’ll be inviting each other over for tea in no time.”

However, a source has indicated that after a dozen unsuccessful attempts to deliver the apple cake, a disappointed Driscoll gave up. The source is also claiming that a week later, a demolition crew began taking the house down, the first step in replacing it with an eight-unit apartment building that will only contain furnished studios that will start at 1,550 euros per month and will cater to temporary residents.


Photo credit: Pixabay