So you think you can drive? But do you also know the law you're supposed to adhere to? I'd say it's time to find out.

In 2017, Germany did the unthinkable. It was quite literally something people never even imagined would, or could, happen.

The Federal Foreign Office, by trying to prepare their tourists of the precarious situation here in the Grand-Duchy, came out with a warning. Warnings are usually reserved for countries known to be a little bit more dangerous than gold ol' Luxembourg, and yet here we were. Our road traffic, especially the many many accidents we have, prompted Germany to give said warning:

"The number of road fatalities in Luxembourg is well above the EU average. Unfortunately, relatively many pedestrians are hit on zebra crossings. As a pedestrian, you should therefore keep a close eye on whether cars and buses really stop, even when the traffic lights are green."

And while many laughed about the warning, which to be fair sounded funny, there was (maybe still is) a lot of truth behind it.

So we at RTL Today thought it would be time to take a look at our readers capabilities when it comes to the road law. Because sometimes it seems that our roads are nothing but a lawless place.. and we don't want this kind of warning to happen again.

So for our sake, and yours as well, we hope you'll score HIGH.

So break a leg and show us what you (hopefully) got :-)