Are you a young person with a knack for writing? Or does your kid love telling stories? We've got prizes to give away to Luxembourg's next generation of authors!

Earlier this year we happened upon a post in a Facebook group for parents, asking for places where young authors could get their stories published. Given that we love writing and storytelling, and have run writing contests in the past, but for adults.. we thought this was an excellent opportunity to lend a hand, and create a space for young authors to share their talents!

For this particular contest we wanted a good partner who loves storytelling as much as we do, and Ernster were quick to jump aboard. They're also providing prizes, more on which you can find below.

As an added bonus, the top stories as selected by a panel of book nerds (we love those; we are those) will be transformed into captivating audio 'books' (very short ones, mind!) available for the public to listen to and played on Today Radio.

Now, how does this actually work, you ask? On to the details!


Ernster have provided us with perfect prizes for Luxembourg's literary youth: vouchers to be used in any of their shops! Since we have two age categories (more on that below), we're going to have two winners, two second places, and two third places, for six total prizes.

First prize is a €100 voucher
Second and third prize winners both win €50 vouchers.

Age categories

We have two age categories for this contest, as it seemed a bit unfair to have the littlest authors competing against ones who may be twice their age.

The first category is for children aged up to 11 (including 11-year-olds).

The second category is open to authors aged 12-16.

The contest structure

Submissions are open from today (see rules below), 29 August until 19 September.

Once submissions close, our esteemed jury will shortlist five stories from each age category.

These are our finalists, and they will be recorded and played on radio plus available for listening and reading on RTL Today.

There will be a public vote from 27 September until 1 October (five days!) to crown the winners of this inaugural children's writing contest.

The winner will be announced at the latest on Tuesday 3 October, on RTL Today and Today Radio!

Contest rules

The rules are simple! We are looking for short stories written by young authors, and there is no particular theme to which they have to adhere. So long as the stories spring from their minds, they can be entered into the contest!

The rules are:

  1. Only stories written by the contestant can be entered into the contest;
  2. Stories have to be a maximum 300 words in length;
  3. Stories have to be submitted by the contestant's parents - we will ask for a parent's contact details as well;
  4. No AI stories, no stories written by parents, and no copying from stories published elsewhere (unless written by the contestant);
  5. Only one story per contestant can be submitted.

How do I submit my (child's) story?

It's simple! Just fill out the form below, where you can either copy-paste the text or upload a Word/PDF document, whichever you prefer.

Make sure to read out terms and privacy policy.

If you find the font size too small in the form below, you can submit via this link instead.