David "DB3" Burrowes welcomed Rocklab chief Sam Reinard on his show to talk about the wide-ranging work of the Rockhal-affiliated support hub for music-makers in Luxembourg.

AtRocklab, you have the opportunity to grow together with other aspiring musicians in an environment where the love and appreciation for music is common language! From rehearsal studios, to media libraries, to events for children or the Grund Club- Rocklab offers to help artists and bands in navigating the music industry in many forms.

This time round we focused on the live events and members meetings, which are valuable for those who are just starting out and are looking to build a network of local musicians.

Did you ever dream of playing at Rockhal? The Rocklab Live Sessions offer local artists not only the experience of playing the stage, but also the opportunity to have their session filmed and their music video edited by professionals! Sam was keen to emphasise that these performances now feature a live audience, as they move beyond all the restrictions of the past two years. A further strand, the Popup Sessions, seek out unusual, unlikely spots for live performances. Talk about fostering creativity!

Some other highlights include a year-long program of members events, workshops on topics such as getting an agent, booking gigs beyond Luxembourg, getting royalty payments, media engagement and much more. These are typically hosted by a range of industry specialists, but overall the most fundamental benefit is simply the opportunity to network with fellow musicians and experienced professionals across the music industry.

February sees Chasey Negro, Praetor and Ferocious Few among the Rocklab live sessions - all three are also upcoming guests on the DB3 Show. Indeed, the Ferocious Few are part of a double bill of live music on next Saturday's DB3 Show with Evdeki Muzik also playing tracks in English, Spanish and Turkish!

Click here to listen to the full interview with Rocklab chief Sam Reinard.

You can catch full Rocklab live sessions on their YouTube channel and other episodes of the DB3 Show on RTL Play.