We may not be the youngest, but we sure are hip - which is of course why we had to join TikTok. No, not had to, were EAGER to!

There's no escaping the fact that TikTok is huge all of a sudden, and after some careful (and endless) first-hand research of the content on there, we can see why. That thing is pretty addictive, and for good reason. With 'fomo' setting in, we simply had to join up as well and start putting out some Luxembourg content on there.

We recruited the fantastic Emma in Luxembourg to help us out, and helped us she has - in just days we've put out a pretty insane EIGHT videos, with more coming. Follow RTL Today on TikTok right here! Or, you know, just search for 'RTL Today' on the app and you'll find us. You may even find us by simply tweaking your algorithm to promote awesome content, but chances are it'd take a bit longer, and our readers are far too important to waste that sort of time sorting through content of secondary quality to get to us.

What can you expect of our TikTok, I hear you ask? Lots of stuff!

  • Behind the scenes videos from the radio team
  • Silly games
  • Interview extracts from the radio
  • Voxpops
  • A video version of 'What's On', our popular guide to the weekend
  • News in easy to consume bite-size chunks
  • Pizza reviews (can't wait to start on that one)
  • Meredith Moss (because, frankly, who can get enough Meredith in their lives?)

That's just the start, and there'll be plenty more. We're also keeping an eye on what you want more of, or would like us to try out, so feel free to shoot us suggestions in the comments below each video!

What's On

@rtl.today Not sure what to do in Luxembourg this weekend? Here are the top 5 things to do in Lux from 21-23 of October. Did we miss something? Comment what you’re doing this weekend in Lux! #luxembourg #luxembourg🇱🇺 #luxembourgtiktok #luxembourgevents #rtltoday ♬ original sound - RTL Today Radio Luxembourg

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