The British musician re-recorded some of his songs for the dance ensemble ZooNation, which is led by choreographer and Sting fan Kate Prince.

Close to 700 guests were present during the dance performance at Grand Théâtre, which was organised with the help of the CovidCheck system. It was the first international appearance for the dance ensemble, and Sting used the opportunity to secretly follow the performance from the audience.

The dance show "Message in a Bottle" tells the story of three young siblings, who have to flee from a civil war in their home country and find a new path in life as refugees. Kate Prince elaborated on how she got the idea to adapt Sting's music: "I once came across a picture of a young Syrian boy, the same age as my daughter, who died in the conflict. And that made me think of Sting's music and about ways in which to use it to retell a similar story."

"Message in a Bottle" is a captivating story about fear, survival, hope, and love. Emotions are expressed through contemporary dance performances and underlined with songs by  Sting.

Video in Luxembourgish: