Welcome to the weekend! Of course we've included some Easter suggestions for you, but you may be happy to hear that the butterfly garden has reopened, jazz cats and a soul dancer meet in Dudelange, the puppetry theatre is hosting a performance and a local hike + picnic is open for registration in the north. The choice is yours!

1. See fluttering butterflies in Grevenmacher

What: Walking through an exotic garden
Where: Butterfly garden, 54 Route de Trèves, L-6793 Grevenmacher
When: Between 1 April and 31 October, all days from 9am-5pm - info & tickets here

Luxembourg's most well-known butterfly garden opened its doors this week. Located in the Moselle town of Grevenmacher lies a tropical garden with hundreds of exotic butterfly species. It's a lovely 28 degrees inside with 70-80% humidity, so you may just break out into a little sweat, but once you see the colours you quickly come to realise it's all worth it. Book your ticket online in advance.

2. Easter special: Set up an egg-race parcour at home, or do the eggsperiment

What: Fun with the kids
Where: At home or outside
Anytime this weekend

It's Easter, and even though celebrations may take a different form this year, there are still some great ways to have fun at home with the family. Here are two suggestions:

The first suggestion is the classic egg run: place a raw egg on a spoon (or hard-boiled if you want to avoid the mess that's about to take place) and walk around the house to the finish line. You can spice up the parcour by adding furniture that you have to climb over or crawl under, set markers where the participant has to do a squat while maintaining the egg on the spoon, or even a section where one is blindfolded and still has to keep the balance!

If you're ready to take it to the sky, prepare for the parachute eggsperiment. With only sheets of paper, string and tape, participants have to construct a little parachute and basket which a raw egg is placed in. Then, drop it from the third or fourth floor of an apartment block or house and see it float to the ground. If the egg touches down without breaking, you've won!

3. Experience a unique jazz/pop/dance combo concert

What: Jazz meets soul-pop meets dance
Where: Centre Culturel Opderschmelz, 1a Rue du Centenaire, L-3475 Dudelange
When: Friday, 2 April at 8pm - info & tickets here

Emblematic figures of the Luxembourg music scene, saxophonist Maxime Bender and drummer Jeff Herr have teamed up with singer-dancer Edsun for their new project. “Herr Bender feat. Edsun” brings together the characteristics of each of the three musicians: On the one hand you've got jazz, improvisation and the saxophone/drums combination of Bender and Herr. On the other, pop and RnB music, vocals and dance by Edsun. The result is a resolutely contemporary blend of music, with catchy melodies, dance-able rhythms as well as instrumentals and improvisation. Really something new and cool to check out.

4. Watch puppet theatry show on Sunday

What: Interactive storytelling
Where: Theater Poppespennchen, 1 Place de Saintignon, L-4968 Lasauvage
When: Sunday, 4 April at 11am and 3pm - info & tickets here

The puppet theatry house Poppespënnchen in Lasauvage (the first of such kind in Luxembourg) welcomes you to a German performance of "Riesling and Zwerglinde". The tale tells the story of Riesling, a young giant who has turned out a little too small for his standards, and Zwerglinde, a dwarf girl that turned out too big. Following eternal squabbling with both their parents, they flee together. But homesickness can not be overcome, and despite their adventures the drive to return home never disappears. Recommended for children aged 4 and older.

5. See "LandRush": Exhibition on global agriculture (and its impact)

What: Multimedia installations, intimate storytelling
Where: Pomhouse 1b, rue du Centenaire, L-3475 Dudelange
When: Between 2 April and 29 August from 11am-6pm - info & tickets here

Agriculture today accelerates climate change, extinction, erosion and the depletion of water resources. Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin have been documenting the social and environmental consequences of global agriculture since 2007. By adopting a slow journalism approach, they forge close relationships on site with farmers, ranchers, fishermen and interview officials politicians, activists and scientists.

Their projects develop organically, chapter by chapter, following a constant cycle of research, production and presentation. This open approach allows their work to surface in ever new contexts, gradually building bridges between publications in journals, documentary films, linear web-documentaries and interactive applications up to staging in cultural institutions. A must-see exhibition in the Water Tower.

6. Go back four decades with film Terms of Endearment

What: Mother and daughter help each other out
Where: Cinémathèque, 17 Place du theatre, L-2613 Luxembourg
Saturday, 3 April at 8pm - info & tickets here

In this weekend's Sense & Sensibility series, Cinémathèque is screening Terms of Endearment, a 1983 film about a woman in search of true love while her daughter faces marital issues. Together, they help each other deal with problems and find reasons to live a joyful life. A comedy-drama that has received critical acclaim.

7. Get hiking and stop for picnic with regional products

What: Get to know local and regional specialities
Where: Around Clervaux, inform yourself of precise location by emailing info@touristcenter.lu
When: Every Sunday - times vary, info here

It's the second event of "Hiking Meets Local Food" in Clervaux this weekend. Participants are accompanied by a local guide and walk a route of 12,1km in Robbesscheier. In regular times (you know, before that pandemic hit...) the hike would be concluded with a three-course meal highlighting regional recipes and products. This time, however, a picnic is provided, which will include local yogurt, sandwiches with local meat (or cheese), home-made cake and water. The price for all of this is €20.


Is there an event you think we'd enjoy and like to share with our audience? Feel free to let us know through audience@rtltoday.lu and we may consider it for next week's agenda.