Welcome to the weekend! Experience live music around a 360 degree stage at Rockhal, enjoy an amazing shadow puppetry performance and participate in foodsharing. These are only some of the shortlisted events in this week's agenda. The weekend is yours!

1. Get tickets to Rockhal concerts next week

What: Five nights of live music
Where: Rockhal, 5 Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, 4083 Esch-sur-Alzette
When: Between 10 February - 14 February, info & tickets here

Rockhal will hold five socially-distanced concerts next week, in a trial supervised by the Ministry of Health. The series of concerts, labelled 'Because Music Matters', will be held with the help of a 360° central stage in front of an audience of only one hundred people. Attendees will have to agree to take free Covid tests before and a week after the concert, as well as adhering to strict sanitary protocols. Each night will correspond to a certain theme, to convey the 'energy, emotion, sincerity, melody and experience' of live concerts.

The line-up looks as follows: 10 February: Mezerg, 11 February: Cleveland, 12 February: Claire Parsons + Klein, 13 February: Fusion Bomb, 14 February: C'est Karma + Francis of Delirium. To get in the mood, here's a session by Francis of Delirium recorded in the summer during lockdown by Rocklab.

2. Attend talk on sustainable travel

What: Talk on travel and its impact
Where: Neimënster, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg
Monday, 8 February at 7pm - reservation required, info here

Should you visit lost paradises? That's the question Susanne Jaspers and Joscha Remus are posing in the framework of the World Press Photo Exhibition, which also takes place at Neimënster. The author and photographer duo say that travellers want authentic culture and unspoiled nature. But in many countries the utopia of paradise is giving way to cultural losses and political upheavals, increasingly to human-made environmental destruction. Should one still travel to the "lost paradises"? What can responsible travel look like? And what should journalistic reporting on these goals look like in the future? The chat will be in German.


3. Experience shadow puppetry

What: Natchav 
Where: Rotondes, 3 Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxemburg
When: Friday, 5 February - Saturday, 6 February at 7pm - reservation & info here

Get ready for an incredible evening of shadow puppetry, in which objects float behind a bright canvas like a live-action film, taking the audience on an adventure of a circus which, to remain free, will challenge all laws, including that of gravity. The Natchav Circus is in town, folks, which means "To go away, to flee" in the Romani language. I presume adults will be more frightened than the children at this show!


4. Luxembourg's virtual children's book day

What: Luxembourgish authors read their work
Where: Online - follow here
When: Saturday, 6 February - Sunday, 7 February between 10am-4.30pm

This year's Luxembourgish children's book day is in virtual format, but the programme is extensive and varied nonetheless. Spread across Saturday and Sunday, several authors will read some of their work in a live stream, which can be followed on the Opderschmelz website and Facebook page. The programme is repeated on both days, so if you, say, want to watch a few hours on Saturday and the rest on Sunday, you can do so without worries.


5. Participate in foodsharing

What: Reducing food waste, collect & drop-off
Where: Sall "Am Keller", 3 rue de l'École, Dahlem/Garnich
When: Friday, 5 February at 8pm - info here

Foodsharing Luxembourg saves food from the bin by distributing it free of charge to everyone, regardless of their financial or social situation. These foods have been sorted out by supermarkets because they are too big, too small, too crooked, have a twist, a strange colour or are just beyond their expiration date. But that does not mean that you can not eat it anymore - quite the contrary! All of these foods were donated to Foodsharing Luxembourg voluntarily by various supermarkets and stores that would otherwise have thrown them away. You are also welcome to bring your own food which you no longer need.


© Pixabay

6. Discover treasure trove movies

What: 1956 classic
Where: Cinémathèque, 17 Place du Théâtre, 2613 Luxembourg
When: Sunday, 7 February at 5.30pm - info & tickets here

Cinémathèque have a wonderful series called "Must-See Hidden Gems", which screens movies you wouldn't necessarily think of straight away when looking for something to watch (or find on Netflix, for that matter). It's also a bit of series for movie-nerds, or those not afraid to leave the Hollywood blockbusters aside and go to the theatre to see black-and-white, ancient classics. Up this week is "While The City Sleeps": The manipulative son of a media empire owner takes over when his father dies. His ruthless, immoral behaviour brings out the worst in the people that work with him.

7. Discover Luxembourg's most popular hiking trails

What: Getting some fresh air
Where: Here and there
When: All weekend, as you please

Luxembourg is packed with good hiking routes. Why not discover some of the most famous ones over the weekend? In the east, the "Manternacher Fiels" (a 9.6 km loop in Manternach) attracted twice as many hikers in 2020 than in 2019. There was similar success for the "Wine Trail" (9 km) through the vineyards of Ahn, on the German border, and for the cross-border loop "Schengen without borders". In Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, the Mullerthal Trail has attracted more than 160,000 hikers in 2020 (15,000 more than in 2019).


Is there an event you think we'd enjoy and like to share with our audience? Feel free to let us know through audience@rtltoday.lu and we may consider it for next week's agenda.