Welcome to the weekend! In need of inspiring fado music, a museum tour with the kids, or a night walk around Betzdorf? Or is your bike broken and needs fixing? We've got you covered!

1. Enjoy mesmerising fado concert

What: Joana Amendoeira live in concert
Where: Neimënster, 28 rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg
When: Sunday, 6 September at 6pm - reservation obligatory

Fado is a beautiful traditional form of music that is often traced back to early 19th century Lisbon, but most likely with much older roots from South America. Fadistas often sing melancholic, mournful songs, describing love, loss or fate. The emotion put in will give you goosebumps. In this concert, Joana Amendoeira will pay tribute to the diva of fado from a century ago, Amália Rodrigues.

2. Rewatch classic: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

What: Greatest comedy of all time? 
Where: Cinémathèque, 17, place du Théâtre, L-2613 Luxembourg
When: Friday, 4 September at 8.30pm - info here

A comedic send-up of the grim circumstances of the Middle Ages as told through the story of King Arthur and framed by a modern-day murder investigation. When the mythical king of the Britons leads his knights on a quest for the Holy Grail, they face a wide array of horrors, including a persistent Black Knight, a three-headed giant, a cadre of shrubbery-challenged knights, the perilous Castle Anthrax, a killer rabbit, a house of virgins, and a handful of rude Frenchmen. Now, that's your Friday evening sorted.

3. Download the Luxembourg Museum kids app

What: Interactive guided tour
Where: Luxembourg City Museum, 14, rue du Saint-Esprit, Luxembourg
 Friday, 4 September - Sunday, 6 September between 10am-6pm

This is something cool and innovative! The Lëtzebuerg City Museum has provided its public with a mobile app titled "Lëtzebuerg City Museum – The Luxembourg Story. Join Mil and Édouard on the "Kids Tour", a simplified audio guide specially for the little visitors. Through informative and lively conversations, Mil and Édouard invite you on a 1000-year time journey through the exhibition. Additionally, the app offers a quiz at the end to test your newly acquired knowledge. Will the kids beat the parents?

4. Make your own moisturising hand cream

What: Some love for your hands
Where: Les Ateliers de Caroline, 6, Kraierbucherstrooss, 8533 Elvange
When: Saturday, 5 September at 3pm - info here

Les Ateliers de Caroline are organising something very important in times of corona. Our hands are being put to the test every day with the frequent washing and the hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of every store. During this workshop, you will create a hand cream from scratch with camellia oil from Luxembourg's region, cosmetic active ingredients and essential oils. All ingredients are organic. This cream repairs damaged and dehydrated hands without leaving a greasy feel. Your hands will be grateful!

5. Check out Friday evening Apéro concert

What: Upcoming jazz quartet 
Where: Trifolion, 2 Porte St Willibrord, 6486 Echternach, Luxembourg
When: Friday, 4 September at 5pm - free entry, but ticket reservation required
„SPACE“ are four young jazz musicians who meet in Cologne and in Luxembourg to share their own music and classic jazz standards. The project is the result of intense collective music making that occurred towards the end of lockdown. Reinel and Daniel Oetz have been students in the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln for two years, Mathieu is a "Jungstudent", also in Cologne. The band name describes the musicians’ freedom of expression during the performance as well as the „SPACE“ they create trying to bring people back together. Enjoy their promising performance at the Trifolion this Friday evening.

6. Have a midnight walk around Betzdorf

What: Stargazing and nature at night
Where: Meet near Rood-Sur-Syre station
When: Saturday, 5 September at 8pm - info here

Join a group of walking buddies on a circular route around the municipality of Betzdorf. The event states that there is time "to look for witches", but also to gaze at the stars, the moon, and meet new people on the walk. Make sure to bring food, water, and a flashlight. Warm clothes are also recommended. The tour is 13km and will take roughly three hours. I'm sure you'll be as excited as this bird:

7. Learn new skills at Bike Repair Kafé

What: DIY bike repairs, meet new people
Where: Escher Kafé, 55 rue Clair Chêne 4061 Esch-sur-Alzette
When: Saturday, 5 September at 3pm - info here

Everybody's bike breaks down once in a while. But how capable are you of fixing it yourself? (Your editor is Dutch and is embarrassingly incapable himself, so he will probably be attending...secretly, in the back corner....silently). Check out this gathering, bring your broken bike and let's see if and how it can be fixed! Do note that there is no big stock of parts available, so informing the organisers of the problem in advance will be helpful to make the most out of the session. Pedal on!

Is there an event you think we'd enjoy and like to share with our audience? Feel free to let us know through audience@rtltoday.lu and we may consider it for next week's agenda.