Did you know that you can gain skills in 3D Computer Animation in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg's film and TV industry is producing some truly excellent work of late. From the kachkéis-laden escapades of Superjhemp, to the heart-warming nostalgia of My Grandpa is an Alien (which we featured alongside live ticker commentary from us and the producer, Aolf El Assal), to the nail-biting suspense of Captiani, the list goes on, and on..

A big part of the modern film industry - and of course the very backbone of the ever-growing games industry - comes in the form of 3D animation, and that's where we're turning our attention today. Specifically, did you know that you can study computer animation right here in Luxembourg? Well, you can!

The video above showcases some of their work. We'll let them explain the rest - more info below.

Information about the programme

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre offers a Bachelor’s degree in Animation for students keen on gaining experience with 3D Computer Animation, be it for film and video or game production. This unique study programme in Luxembourg is proposed in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg and gives access to an academic diploma (BAC+3), validating all the skills necessary for entering the animation industry.

Part of the Competence Centre’s mission is to develop and support academic training programmes that meet the needs of the market. Having been approached by the LAM (Lycée des Arts et Métiers) to help them with the evolution of their BTS in Animation, the Competence Centre designed a downstream study programme centred on 3D skills with a strong inclination towards professional competencies.

With a prior acquisition of 60 ECTS (or 3 years of professional experience), students can apply to the Bachelor in Animation and after 2 years get a bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) delivered by the University of Luxembourg.  What makes this study programme stand out, is the fact that it is the first bachelor in 3D computer animation in Luxembourg. The course instructors are professionals from the animation industry, thus as a student you get field-related expertise and a firsthand networking opportunity via internships and the creation of an animation portfolio at the end of your studies. Classes are small and bilingual (French / English). The curriculum is personalised, giving the students a high degree of autonomy and a quality level of support at any given time.

The bachelor is based on Belval Campus where a dedicated lab with 3D workstations is exclusively at the disposal of the students. In terms of sanitary security, this is an unbeatable advantage. And if that wasn’t enough, as students of the University of Luxembourg, you can take advantage of all facilities on campus, like the Luxembourg Learning Centre e.g., and this for fairly interesting tuition fees.

You can take a look at the showreel of the Bachelor in Animation featuring our students’s work.

Admissions for 2021/2022 will be open from February 1st (for non-E.U. candidates) and from March 15th  to  April 30th 2021 (early admission) and in June 2021 (second call, EU candidates). More information on the curriculum description page and the bachelor’s admission page at uni.lu.

Bachelor in Animation … if you dream it, you can do it!