Need something to do this summer? Well then you're in luck - Luxembourg City and the Cinematheque have joined forces to offer us all some summer movie fun.

The cinema will be drive- and walk-in, with films airing at 9.30pm every day from 17 July to 1 August. The programme contains a mix of modern hits (Joker, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood), to classics (Pretty Woman, The Truman Show), to even more classic classics (Back to the Future, Psycho).

All English films - which is a majority of them - will be aired in English with French subtitles. The only exception is Pink Floyd: The Wall, which is in English but will not have subtitles, and Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, which is in French and not subtitled.

A lounge will be set up for those who arrive by foot, with seating for groups of four people. Tickets cost €10 per car or lounge for up to four, and can be bought through