The British Ladies Club (BLC) of Luxembourg celebrated the success of its "exhibition within an exhibition” on Thursday night.

Speakers included the Mayor of Luxembourg, Lydie Polfer, UK Deputy
Head of Mission, Danial Shaikh and Gilles Genot, curator of the exhibition.

Also on hand to say a few words was the new BLC chair, Jade Marie Bajai, who highlighted the value that the club brings to society.

“We serve as a bastion of real-life connections in an increasingly digital world,” she explained. “We offer women away from their homelands a safe and open space to foster belonging.”

Around 50 people attended the event, enjoying drinks, networking and a browse around the museum exhibits.

These included the BLC installation located within the “Associative Life in Luxembourg since the 19th century” exhibition.

The role played by the BLC in assisting women to integrate in Luxembourg was deemed particularly noteworthy, hence a dedicated room showcases various events and objects illustrating the club’s activities, mission and history.