A non-profit sports association, Friskis&Svettis mostly operates in the Nordic countries but has found their way to little ol' Luxembourg.

Friskis&Svettis have more than 500,000 members in 159 different non-profit sports associations across Sweden. In Norway, there are 40 associations and just five associations can be found outside the Nordic region. One of them in Luxembourg.

Any enthusiast can apply to start an association as no head office decides when or where to start a new Friskis.

The non-profit engagement is one of Friskis' pillars. In principle, all our training is held by volunteer-committed licensed leaders and class hosts.

Friskis&Svettis is member-owned. All members can make their voices heard. All revenue and any surplus go directly back to the members as i. e. training of leaders, improved premises and training equipment.

How it all started

In 1978, Johan Holmsäter had an idea about how to make people move. Not only once, but throughout life. Therefore, it must be pleasurable for you to continue. A social meeting place open to everyone with a relaxed and unpretentious workout atmosphere was created.

A groundbreaking form of exercise, "Jympa", training the whole body in less than an hour was launched by Johan. It was fun and easy to keep up with. Jympa became as much a philosophy as a training form.

Initially the training was divided into two parts: "Friskis"; for injured, elderly and others who could not participate in the usual training. "Svettis" was for the others.

The "&" is important: It symbolises the interconnection between "Friskis" and "Svettis" and that people can train in all stages of life.

From one to half a million

One person showed up to the first class, but within a few months the success was a fact. Jympa was a revolution and Friskis&Svettis associations was started all over Sweden. Friskis&Svettis grew from a small, cocky student movement and spread to other age groups and social strata.

40 years later, Friskis is Sweden's largest sports association with over half a million members (5% of the population) only in Sweden and the most recognised brand!

The division between "Friskis" and "Svettis" disappeared. Instead, our training range grew wider. We have introduced around 80 training forms led by trained coaches.

All associations do not offer all kinds of training, but Jympa is mandatory. And no matter what you practice, the same philosophy is the base: We focus on a really good and fun experience.

Friskis education

Friskis&Svettis runs and develops their own trainings for all our sessions. Thousands of people have participated to learn more about training, leadership and commitment.

Everyone who engages as a leader or coach within Friskis' goes through our own education program. Friskis' programs also include inspiration for officials and employees who are tasked with leading and developing others.


In Friskis&Svettis, the smile has always been a pillar. Exercise being driven by bad conscience or filled with demands rarely becomes fun or long-lasting.

We want to be the workout buddy for those who want to test their limits, take it easy, feel euphoric or just want to cool down after an intensive day.

Training for the whole person

We believe in smart and sustainable training by varying hard training with soft. Combining knowledge and experience with a relaxed and permissive attitude. An experience that you want again and again.

All our classes do not suit everyone but are easily accessible for everyone. It should be something for you, regardless of your training habits, level of ambition or physical conditions and how you feel today.

We have classes Monday-Thursday in the EU-Schools in Kirchberg and Mamer. On the weekend you find us at the Coque in Kirchberg and the EU-School in Mamer.

See you soon!