What better way for the BLC to begin 2023 than with an installation at the City Museum of Luxembourg!

The BLC has been allocated an entire room for three months of the exhibition “Associative Life in Luxembourg since the 19th Century“, in which various events and objects are exhibited, illustrating the club’s activities, mission and history. “This is such an honour,” explains Dawn Butler, BLC editor. “We were one of three clubs selected from hundreds and have our own room until 16th March 2023. This underlines the value we bring to the English-speaking community in Luxembourg.”

With this in mind, the club is urgently seeking a volunteer to chair the group into the future and save it from closure. It cannot function without a chair and despite a lengthy search, no suitable candidate has been found. It is worth mentioning that the role could be shared by two people wishing to work as a team. They are also seeking an Events Manager to organize exciting new and existing programmes to increase and retain their membership.

After all, the BLC has been attracting members for more than 50 years and has a dynamic committee in place and ready to go. Any volunteers? Please contact committee@blc.lu without delay.

For full details of the exhibition visit the following link here.