Every month, Adem provides a ranking of the ten most sought-after professions on the Luxembourgish job market.

At the moment, Adem had 13,473 jobs available - enough offers for almost all job seekers in Luxembourg. However, it is often not that simple. Qualifications, experience, languages spoken... applicants often have to meet high standards from employers.

For those who are looking to return to work, find a job or take on a new challenge, it is always good to know what the market has to offer:

  1. Accounting and financial auditing (268)
  2. IT research and development (234)
  3. Accounting (157)
  4. Restaurant service (130)
  5. Credit analysis and banking risks (118)
  6. Legal defence and advice (118)
  7. Secretarial Services (113)
  8. Front office financial markets (103)
  9. Organisational and management consultancy (96)
  10. Warehousing and order preparation (90)

It is clear that the majority of the most sought-after positions are in the finance sector. However, there are also vacancies in the catering and administrative sectors. Good to know: in 84 percent of the cases, these positions are for fixed-term or indefinite contracts.