On Tuesday morning, the MP from the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) sat down for an interview to discuss the next tripartite meeting and international safety.

Cruchten, who is both the leader of the LSAP parliamentary group and president of the Chamber's foreign affairs commission, expressed support for the government's decision to organise another tripartite meeting in due time. He believes it is important for all parties to share the same perception of things so that a solution can be found.

Asked about future index cuts, the MP said that he "does not rule out anything". His gut tells him that a unanimous agreement was close during the last meeting, but that there was not enough time to finalise matters to everyone's satisfaction.

MP Cruchten also emphasised that the last agreement should be regarded as a whole and advised against analysing individual aspects. The index system is still the best solution to fight the problem of inflation, he further noted.

In terms of international security, the MP shared his view that the current situation is unprecedented for people from his generation. Today's discourse significantly differs from that held three years ago, and militarisation has become a spiral. Although the uses of NATO have regained in significance, Cruchten believes the recent evolution of international relations to be regrettable.

Asked about the situation in Mali, the LSAP politician explained that Luxembourg's operations fall under the control of an international organisation and that their decisions have to be accepted. Although he warned from giving up territory and opening up the possibility of inadvertently inviting Russian interference, MP Cruchten also acknowledged that the country cannot be defended at all costs, especially since the local government has not been a reliable partner.

Interview in Luxembourgish