The Pirate Party, the Green Party ('Déi Gréng'), and the Alternative Democratic Reform Party (adr) have spent the most on social media advertisements in the past three years, according to news website

'Reporter' has added up advertising expenses for party pages and personal pages of individual politicians on Facebook and Instagram.

The Pirate Party spent a total of €60,000 between March 2019 and January 2022. Over the same period of time, the Green Party spent €38,000 and the adr €34,000.

While the Green Party and the adr mainly spent money to promote the main page of their party, the Pirate Party spent over €23,000 to promote the personal pages of some of their politicians.

MP Marc Goergen spent the most money, specifically a total of €20,000 to promote his Facebook page.

The Democratic Party (DP), the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP), the Christian Social People's Party (CSV), and the Left Party (Déi Lénk) spent significantly less money on social media advertisements compared to the other three parties. Their budgets varied between €5,000 and €14,000.

In the context of their research, Reporter points out that the funding of these advertisements raises several questions. Some ads for parties are for instance paid through the respective parliamentary groups, the news website criticises.