This was revealed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sport in their joint reply to a parliamentary question by the Alternative Democratic Reform Party (adr).

Since 1 March 2020, the contact tracing team has recorded 568 cases of Covid-19 that "might potentially be connected to sports".

To put this figure into context: Since 1 March 2020, there have been over 140,000 Covid-19 infections in Luxembourg.

However, there have been 56 clusters with at least three cases at sports clubs or sporting events.

In their answer, the ministers stress that, contrary to other countries, sporting events were never fully suspended in Luxembourg.

The importance of sport for both physical and mental health was never questioned, the answer states.

The ministers add that, to their knowledge, there is no evidence that the 2G regime in the sports sector has had a negative impact on anyone, e.g., from a psychological point of view.