The Patientevertriedung asbl has spoken out against mandatory vaccines at this stage.

The association said there were too many unanswered questions at this point to express support for a mandate, whether limited or general. Among their concerns are the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing transmission of the virus, as well as a question of responsibility for potential long-term effects.

Georges Clees

According to the law dated 4 July 2000, the state is effectively liable for mandated or recommended vaccinations.

In preparation for the consultation debate on the duty of care, the government stated that pharmaceutical companies could not be sued because Covid vaccines have so far only been provisionally authorised in the EU.

The state would therefore risk having to bear the costs itself should issues arise.

Opinions on the duty of care differed among representatives of the association, but in the end scepticism prevailed, they said. Their views differ from those expressed by Luxembourg's hospital federation (FHL), which expressed support for a partial vaccine mandate back in December.

Philippe Turk

As things stand, the impact of the Omicron wave appears to be limited with regard to intensive care beds - a positive development, said the association, and one that conflicted with predictions at the end of 2021.