Among the latest petitions to be added to the Chamber of Deputies website are topics such as education, environment, the pandemic, and gambling.

Thirteen new petitions were added to the Chamber website on Friday morning, with a deadline of 3 March to obtain the necessary 4,500 signatures required for a public debate.

The majority of the topics covered once again relate to the Covid crisis, particularly with regard to schools. One calls for air purifiers to be installed in all classrooms, while another says secondary school pupils should return to homeschooling.

Another petition calls for better analysis of the data released on the pandemic and Covid-related deaths, while a fourth demands that people should get tested before entering public buildings such as hospitals or cafés. There are also calls for discussions on reducing Covid restrictions.

Other educational concerns include a demand for school uniforms for primary and secondary schools, as well as a petition decrying the fact that students in 6 week internships effectively lose a week of their holiday.

Two environmental petitions call for sanctions on packaging used on supermarket produce, as well as deposits on plastic bottles and cans to encourage recycling.

A petitioner has called for a ban on gambling games, while another requests the introduction of a pet burial ground in Luxembourg.
All petitions can be viewed and signed at