The co-president of the Green Party, Djuna Bernard, was a guest on RTL Radio on Friday morning.

Djuna Bernard said that she can understand the criticism that the vaccine mandate comes late "from a scientific point of view" but not "from a political and societal perspective".

Politicians had always hoped that the situation could be managed without such a measure, Bernard explained. The recent decision in favour of a vaccine mandate was taken "on the basis of scientific recommendations", with Bernard stressing that "this is not political opportunism".

The MP and co-president of the Green Party (Déi Gréng) stated that the government has already listened to medical experts before, but must also consider other perspectives, such as legal opinions. It is important to keep up the dialogue, Bernard added, in order to not further divide society.

Dealing with Fake News

The issue of disinformation that is purposefully spread specifically via social media platforms is "extremely important", according to Bernard.

The MP thinks that this is a problem that requires intervention on a European level. On Thursday, the European Parliament passed the 'Digital Service Act', which includes provisions that allow for a stricter regulation of social media platforms.

In addition to these measures, Bernard thinks that it should be possible to denounce and monitor false information on these platforms. As for the Grand Duchy, the co-president of the Green Party demands a greater focus on media literacy.

Protests against Covid-19 measures

Bernard also talked about the violence seen during recent protests against the Covid-19 measures and vehemently condemned unauthorised protests during which police officers are attacked.

The MP stressed that the protesters have the option to demonstrate legally and within a fixed perimeter. Those who participated in the march that started at the central railway station last Saturday knew that it was an illegal event, Bernard stated.

She added that the police now have the necessary measures to react accordingly, for instance through ID checks.

'SuperDrecksKëscht' Affair

Regarding the latest developments in the 'SuperDrecksKëscht' affair, Bernard stated that it is important to differentiate between the different findings.

The legal opinions dealt with the issue of whether SuperDrecksKëscht needed its own financing law, which turned out to be the case. What remains are questions regarding the operation, management, and contract with SuperDrecksKëscht.

And as far as these issues are concerned, Bernard stressed that "no discrepancies" have been found.