In busses, shopping centres, industrial zones, and secondary schools: Vaccinations are currently administered in numerous locations to make it as easy as possible for people to get their jabs.

The goal is a vaccination rate between 80 and 85%. Currently, the rate is around 75%. Doubts, fear, or simply a rejection of the government's coronavirus policies are widespread among the non-vaccinated.

To turn the situation around, the government continues its efforts to reach out to these individuals and convince them to get vaccinated. The head of the National Health Directorate, Dr Jean-Claude Schmit, and virologist Dr Thomas Dentzer made one such attempt on Thursday, marking the relaunch of the weekly Q&A livestreams on the National Health Directorate's Facebook page after its hiatus during the summer holidays.

Around 400 people participated in the livestream and numerous questions were raised. Mainly about the third dose and the new coronavirus measures, but some also struck a more critical tone.

Dr Schmit explains that it is important to listen to the concerns people have and answer their questions as best as possible. Nevertheless, the head of the National Health Directorate acknowledges that there is a certain percentage of people that cannot be convinced, but still argues that there are many that simply have questions and are open for discussion.

While some questions come up again and again, there is more information available today, thanks to the findings of various studies around the world.

Dr Dentzer and Dr Schmit also confirmed that invitations for a booster shot had been sent out on Thursday to those who had previously received the single-dose vaccine by Johnson&Johnson.

Regarding a third dose, Dr Dentzer and Dr Schmit stated that this made the most sense for immunocompromised individuals. However, there is no need for generally healthy people to get a third booster shot, as they have already built up a sufficient immunity against the virus. People aged 75 or older will receive a personalised invitation for a booster shot. Those outside of these target groups cannot sign themselves up for a third dose because it is "simply not necessary", according to Dr Dentzer.

The two health experts also explained that everyone over the age of 65 will now automatically receive an invitation to get vaccinated, even if they already received their jabs. The reason for this is that the National Health Directorate does not have access to the list of unvaccinated individuals in that age group. However, because these people have an elevated risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19, it is paramount that they get vaccinated ahead of the upcoming winter season. The invitation should thus only be considered by those who have not yet received a vaccine.