Health officials registered 786 new coronavirus infections last week, an increase of 111 cases (+16%) compared to the previous seven days.

Among the newly infected, the incidence rate for unvaccinated people was 222 out of 100,000 citizens, while the rate for the vaccinated group was 66. The Health Directorate has opted to no longer indicate percentages of vaccinated versus unvaccinated patients, but rather present incidence rates.

15 patients were hospitalised with Covid-19 last week, out of which ten were unvaccinated. Four people were treated in intensive care units, with two of them being unvaccinated. The average age of hospital patients increased from 57 to 67.

The overall incidence rate increased from 106 to 124 last week. The most significant surge occurred in the age group under 14. The virus reproduction rate increased from 1 to 1.22.

16,480 PCR tests were performed during the week of 11-17 October, up from 15,544. 1,395 people are living with an active coronavirus infection in the Grand Duchy. The average age of people diagnosed with Covid-19 has declined from 32.7 to 31.9 years.

Two deaths were to be deplored this week. The average age of those who died is 95 years old.

A total of 1,550 people were forced to isolate last week, while 3,400 had to quarantine.

Cluster in school, vaccination bus

A scenario 4 was discovered at the Brill primary school in Dudelange last week. Nine year one pupils from the same class, as well as their teacher, tested positive for Covid-19.

The mobile vaccination bus will be at the following locations this week:

21/10/21 11h – 15h Industrial Zone Grevenmacher (Potaschberg)
22/10/21 11h – 16h Shopping Centre La Belle Etoile
25/10/21 Zone d'activité économique Kirchberg (European Parliament, Adenauer building)
26/10/21 11h – 15h Zone industrielle Rodange (PED)