Last week, the number of new infections increased by 14%.

Out of 675 cases, 53.9% were not vaccinated, while 46.1% of people had already gotten both shots. In the same time period, 3,540 individuals were identified as contact points, a 25% increase compared to last week. 15,544 PCR tests were done between 4 and 10 October.

In terms of hospitalisations, ten out of 15 people in normal care and three out of five in intensive care were unvaccinated. The average age for hospitalised Covid patients was set at 57 years. Two people died in relation to the coronavirus last week.

When it comes to active infections, a slight increase was notable over the last seven days: from 1,115 on 3 October to 1,200 on 10 October. 77,159 people have so far recovered. The average age of recovered people increased from 29.1 to 32.7 years.

The positivity rate remained more or less stable at 1.05 (compared to 0.99 last week).The seven-day incidence rate increased to 106 novel infections per 100,000 citizens (compared to 93 last week). The highest incidence rate was reported in the age group 0-14 with 167 new cases per 100,000 citizens, while the lowest ones occurred in the 60-74 and +75 groups.

A total of 1,382 people had to isolate last week (+11%), while 3,456 residents needed to quarantine (+6%).

In terms of vaccinations, 5,867 doses were administered between 4 and 10 October. 1,896 people received their first jab, 2,711 the second one, and 1,260 a third one. So far, 410,457 people count as fully vaccinated, representing 74% of the population older than 12 years.