The number of people with a 'community service' entry on their criminal record fell from 182 in 2019 to 148 in 2020.

The health crisis has had an impact on the number of people sentenced to community service by the courts. As Minister of Justice Sam Tanson states in her response to a parliamentary question by MPs Dan Biancalana and Mars di Bartolomeo from the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP), this number has been steadily increasing since 2016, with the exception of last year. In 2020, the coronavirus forced many institutions to reduce outsiders' access to their premises.

In 2016, 118 community service sentences were handed down by the criminal courts. This figure had risen to 182 in 2019 but fell to 148 in 2020.

This type of sentence is imposed by a court if the offence does not carry a prison sentence of more than six months. The work, which is unpaid, can be carried out in public bodies, public institutions, associations, or hospitals.

The Minister mentions Caritas, the Red Cross, the Servior nursing home operator, the scouts or various municipal administrations. In addition, the Central Social Assistance Service (SCAS) of the Public Prosecutor's Office runs its own workshop. Tanson considers the current supply to be sufficient.