While they have not yet reached an official decision, Luxembourg's health authorities do not exclude the possibility of recommending a third vaccine dose.

Almost 200,000 people have been vaccinated twice in Luxembourg. However, this may soon prove insufficient.

In her reply to a parliamentary question by MP Jeff Engelen from the Alternative Democratic Reform Party (adr), Minister of Health Paulette Lenert confirmed this, stating that the idea is "nothing new".

The idea has indeed been around for some time already, with the governments of Belgium and the UK having devoted several debates to the issue already and the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, announcing in April that a third dose would "probably be necessary".

Bourla went even further, explaining that vaccination against Covid-19 could potentially become an annual appointment.

For Lenert, the question of a third vaccine dose depends on "several factors". She points out what is already known: the emergence of new variants may mean that vaccines will no longer be effective in the future.

A second factor listed by the Minister is the duration of immunity after being given two doses. In her reply, she states that this is a question researchers "do not yet have an answer to".

Finally, Lenert also brings up the question of whether people should be vaccinated a third time with the same product, or whether it would maybe even be beneficial to use a different vaccine. 

In any case, the Minister insisted that the Luxembourg government has secured enough options concerning the delivery of vaccines to ensure a steady supply of vaccines over "the next months and years".

Lenert explained that in the event that a third dose is needed but only for certain parts of the population, the jabs could be administered by general practitioners.

If not, Luxembourg would once again use the vaccination centres that have been established over the course of the first vaccination campaign.