This year has been a turbulent time for Luxair's CEO Gilles Feith. The company has seen a record loss of €100 million with over 250,000 flight cancellations.

An agreement has been reached between representatives from the government, employers and unions during several tripartite meetings for the aviation sector. The talks have been constructive, albeit tense.

In an interview with RTL on Saturday, Feith explained that in these situations a company must first see what can be done internally before considering the taxpayer's support.

Even before the Covid crisis the national airline was on the edge of stalling. Large-scale investments, including the IT department of the Cargo Centre and renovations of the hangar, had to be made. Furthermore, the airline's fleet was in need of updating, and plans are on the table for Luxair to turn their backs on long-time partner Boeing and place an order for an Airbus A220 or Embraer 190/195 instead.

Luxair is looking for niche destinations to develop a well-connected network. Larochelle, Toulon, Usedom and Bucharest could be added in the near future. The aim is to boost growth, as shrinking the company would harm it. It is normal, however, for employees to come and go and have a certain professional mobility, said Feith. He concluded that Luxair should be a socially responsible company.