The main train station in the capital is a busy transport hub, with around 1,000 trains travelling through each day. An estimated 70,000 passengers pass through the Central station each day as well.

As the figures suggest, the importance of expanding the station is paramount, in order to keep up with a rising demand and ensure smooth transfers.

The project of expanding the station is not a small one. It began in 2018 and is expected to be complete in 2024. In the meantime, the first of two new platforms will open on 15 December.

Platform 5 will become operational as of 15 December, allowing trains to stop at the new track 11, which is 311 metres long. At the same time, track 10 on platform 4 will also become operational again.

The hope is that another platform will make the running of the trains more fluid, CFL spokeswoman Sandy Nonnweiler explains.

Adding another platform will allow each train line - wherever it comes from - to have its own dedicated platform or tracks, which in turn should lead to fewer delays and cancellations. This should cut down traffic jams at the station, which have led to knock-on delays.

Work on the new platforms began last year, with around 40 people working each day, often on Saturdays as well. But platform 5 is far from fully finished - it still needs to have its overhead shelter added and, for accessibility reasons, its lift. Nonnweiler estimates that the lift will not be completed until 2021.

Both platforms, and all four tracks, will be completed by 2021. But works at the station will not be done with the completion of the platforms. Currently, a provisional footbridge allows access to platform 5. This will be replaced by a new and permanent footbridge, due for 2024.

The expansion of the Central station is significant not only in its own right, but also in the sense of the new line being built between Luxembourg City and Bettembourg. The expansion works are estimated at a cost of €171 million.