Fans of the Tex-Mex restaurant on Place d'Armes or on Kirchberg have less than a week to bid farewell to the Luxembourg home of the frozen strawberry margarita.

Chi-Chis's Luxembourg made the news public on their Facebook page this week, confirming they would be closing their doors for the last time on Sunday 29 September.

RTL 5Minutes contacted the CEO of Happy Mex, Fred Locatelli, who explained they had decided against renewing the existing franchise agreement. After a thirty-year stint on the Place d'Armes, and three in Kirchberg, the group will change direction, said Locatelli. Around 80 staff will not lose their positions and will be kept onboard for the next project, although Locatelli remained tightlipped when pressed for details.

Facebook statement 

Thank you & goodbye | Chi-Chi’s Luxembourg is closing its doors for good. Final day of opening: Sunday 29 September 2019.

Dear customers, That’s life… the Chi-Chi’s Luxembourg adventure is coming to an end. Thank you for your loyalty and all the great memories spiced up with Tex-Mex sauce. Our restaurants at the Place d’Armes and in Kirchberg will be closed from now on. We were thrilled to host you for all these many years.

Muchas gracias – Merci beaucoup – Villmools Merci!