Dear Job Doctor, Should I expand my business or lead a quieter life? (I am a consultant who has 10 more working years remaining. I regularly have job offers, but so far, I have never taken on too much extra work or staff.)

The Job Doctor has asked one of Luxembourg’s leading Career Coaches, Dr Keith Amoss, for his thoughts.

This is a kind of thought that many of us have - especially around the time of New Year resolutions. I reached out to one of Luxembourg’s coaches for some insights.

In short, says Keith Amoss PhD, assuming you can’t do both, then it comes down to what you value most and what gives most meaning to your life. Instinctively you probably already know the answer - but you may need to dig it out.

Option A. Expanding your business. This is hard work and requires resilience, resources and time.  
Yet there are rewards for success.

Option B. Leading a quiet life. This means possibly spending more time with loved ones and following up with sports and hobbies that you have neglected. Yet this may not be enough.

You can add to the advantages and disadvantages of each and it may help to write down a good old fashioned list. But at some point you will want to make a decision.

So, here is where Cartesian Coordinates come in. (What?). Ask these questions of your options, first take A then B:

What would happen if I did A?

What would not happen if I did A?

What would happen if I did not do A?

What would not happen if I did not do A?

This will stretch your thinking and lead you to a conclusion.

Taking advice is good, but the decision is yours.


Keith Amoss PhD, is a Fellow of the UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He is a professionally qualified career coach and on the Board of the International Coach Federation, Luxembourg. Website:

Darren Robinson is the Managing Partner at Anderson Wise, an independent local recruitment firm in Luxembourg.