RTL-You's very own Edouard Paquet decided to join efforts with his friends Sam and Isaac from the UWE Bristol to face what might very well be the challenge of their lives: the intercontinental Mongol Rally.

The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental car rally of superlatives that sees 350 teams race from Prague to Ulan Ude in Russia. The rally takes participants through mountain regions, deserts, steppes. Sometimes the roads are tarred tracks, sometimes they're... a little less comfortable to navigate.

RTL-You's very own Edouard Paquet decided to join efforts with his friends Sam and Isaac from the UWE Bristol to tackle the tricky challenge. The three students bought a 15-year-old Fiat Panda for around €700 to get team Bristangolia started. As you might expect given the enormous distance of the rally, things are not always running all that smoothly - a reality that the young contestants experienced first-hand during the sixth episode of the “Bristangolia’s Mongol Rally” series.

After the Bristangolia boys traveled through the most extraordinary country (Turkmenistan, episode 5), they arrived in Uzbekistan. Here the Bristangolia team was not alone, and so they had to fight their way through in the middle of the desert of Uzbekistan. Well that this adventure would present an obstacle or two was not news to the team — however they were astonished by how many little things got in their way and made the journey even harder.

And of course, the long drive not only had its impacts on the team — but also on the car. Slowly but surely their car had problems the team could not ignore anymore. So their latest challenge was to find someone to fix it... and this in a country where they neither understand nor speak the language. This already being enough of a challenge, the team started to feel sick as they did not digest the local food particularly well...

That said, and to use use their own words, the beauty of the different landscapes could make up for some of the difficulties crossed along the road. Convince yourself by watching the latest episode of Bristangolia's Mongol Rally here.

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