Condé Nast Traveler conducts an annual Reader's Choice Survey to find out what its readers think are the best travel destinations in the world.

Tokyo, Japan, took first place in the "Best Big Cities" category, determined by a poll of 600,000 readers.

Tourists love Tokyo because they can enjoy both city life and natural landscapes.

Visitors also love the delicious cuisine. Must-dos include shopping in Akihabara, visiting a cherry-blossom festival, seeing where the emperor lives at the Imperial Palace, and taking in the city's skyline from a colourful Ferris wheel.

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On the list of small cities deemed the best were:

10. Cologne, Germany,
9. Monte Carlo, Monaco,
8. Puebla, Mexico,
7. Florence, Italy,
6. Bergen, Norway,
5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,
4. Salzburg, Austria,
3. Québec City, Canada,
2. Dresden, Germany,
1. Mérida, Mexico.

The big cities were as follows:

10. Sydney, Australia, 
9. Taipei, Taiwan,
8. Barcelona, Spain, 
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands,
6. Copenhagen, Denmark, 
5. Osaka, Japan, 
4. Vienna, Austria, 
3. Singapore,
2. Kyoto, Japan, 
1. Tokyo, Japan.

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